Adoption and Application of Water Futures - Expert Workshop

On offer is a new book on building resilience into SEQ landscapes, catchments and the design of local communities and offering adaptation measures for future extreme weather and weather events. How useful is Water Futures and what is its utility??? For the response and recommendations, enjoy what this expert group have in mind.

Group collaboration develops visual delights - SEQWaterFutures charrette in action

Active participation through 4 working groups was a feature of this SEQ WaterFutures charrette. And nothing like a mix of pictures to highlight the effort in action and ideas generated.

RiverCity views inspire SEQWaterFutures charrette

Motivation to think of creative insights with a collective efforts at the SEQWaterFutures charrette was inspired by expansive Briosbane river views.

Two years of topics, shared experiences and discussion leads to a SEQ WaterFutures workshop

Over that last 2 years our Flood Community of Practice collective has worked together on a range of topics. In August we will initiate an ambitious and creative design based workshop to further develop and utilise this collective experience and knowledge in developing options for future South East Queensland flood resilience and adaption initiatives.

Upcoming event

To build on the open minded thinking stimulated by the February Flood Hypothetical – an event in early August aims to develop a more substantiated set of principles and design options for the Brisbane River catchment.

Dealing with uncertainty in hydrological studies - September 9, 2014

Dealing with uncertainty in hydrologic studies and its application to the Brisbane River Catchment Flood Studies