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What is in the Strategic Floodplain Management Plan for the Brisbane River, our communities and us, as professionals?

Since the Floods of January 2011, there has been an extended effort to initiate, undertake and finalize a Strategic Floodplain Management Plan for the Brisbane River floodplain and catchments.  In March 2019, the SFMP was launched and over the last 5 years the Flood CoP network has had a long interest on what it might entail and what it means for professional working in sectors that overlap with the actions arising out of the Plan.

Exploring geomorphology to aid in floodplain management – Gatton – March 2017

Linking the results of a detailed science and geomorphology investigation in the Lockyer Creek floodplain provides managers of floodplains to have an additional insight into the characteristics and behaviours of channels and floodplains - and here at Gatton the implications were explored at this full day workshop and field trip.