Workshop and Field trip

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Gatton – Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre

Purpose of the day

  • Share and build awareness plus understanding for professionals of the insights from the ARC Linkage research project “The Big Flood: Will it happen again” (
  • Consider and discuss the application of the science to a range of floodplain, catchment, resources and land use planning issues
  • Provide evidence from a ‘case study’ in a regional setting which contains a mix of rural, natural landscape and local settlement issues and discuss how transferable these lessons may be to other catchments
  • Continue the Flood Community of Practice tradition of bringing together a diverse set of professionals so that the inter-relationships across a complex issue can be better appreciated

Workshop Participants Sectors

Local Government

Lockyer Valley Regional Council, Ipswich City Council, Logan City Council,

Brisbane City Council and Council of Mayors of SEQ

Queensland State Government

Natural Resources and Mines and Queensland Reconstruction Authority

Local residents

Friends of Apex Park and Grantham community

Natural Resource Management

Condamine Alliance, Healthy Land and Water, SEQ Water and International RiverFoundation


QUT, University of Queensland, Griffith University and International Water Centre

Rural Sector

Growcom and Golden Finch Lawns


RMA, BMT WBM and Ideanthro

The Big Flood: Will it happen again

Over-view presentation from Dr Jacky Crocke

Focus on the issues of understanding, predicting and managing:  comprehensive information on all 3 aspects results at project website

Field trip to Lockyer Valley with Dr Chris Thompson and PhD researchers from UQ James Daley and Daryl Lam  – with comprehensive field guide.

A video summary,compliments of Jack Mullay, provides key highlights of Jacqui’s presentation and the field trip.

Practioner Panel

Welcome from Cr Jim McDonald – Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Panel presentations

Belinda Whelband – Lockyer Valley Catchment Action Plan

Rowena Beveridge – Growcom – Best management plan program for horticulture growers in Lockyer Valley

Phil Smith – Ipswich City Council

Dan Garcia – SEQ Water – Source Protection Planning

Event Partners

This outing to Gatton, venue hire and catering and capture of the days proceedings would not have been possible without the generous support of:

  • local hosts – Lockyer Valley Regional Council
  • bus travel compliments of SEQ Water
  • outdoor PA – Healthy Land and Water
  • event support  from Queensland Reconstruction Authority and Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands – Sydney
  • video capture – Jack Mullaly – Ideanthro