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What is in the Strategic Floodplain Management Plan for the Brisbane River, our communities and us, as professionals?

Since the Floods of January 2011, there has been an extended effort to initiate, undertake and finalize a Strategic Floodplain Management Plan for the Brisbane River floodplain and catchments.  In March 2019, the SFMP was launched and over the last 5 years the Flood CoP network has had a long interest on what it might entail and what it means for professional working in sectors that overlap with the actions arising out of the Plan.

Managed Retreat from the Floodplain – Lessons from USA case studies and what it might mean for Australia?

What dos over 100 years of 30 managed retreat from the floodplain in the USA tell us? Nichols Pinter from Unibersity of California, Davis takes us on a guided historic tour of what has been possible – with both the good and the poor highlighted.

Adoption and Application of Water Futures – Expert Workshop

On offer is a new book on building resilience into SEQ landscapes, catchments and the design of local communities and offering adaptation measures for future extreme weather and weather events. How useful is Water Futures and what is its utility??? For the response and recommendations, enjoy what this expert group have in mind.

Front of Mind – Engagement

A real bonus to explore what I have experienced through Engagement and how it underpins the essence of the Flood Community of Practice. Check out this interview with Jack Mullay

Inspiration from Water Futures – a Book that shines a spotlight on a Vision for a livable and water smart SEQ, a framework for considering options and resilience building measures for our varied landscapes and communities

The Book Water Futures explores the complexity of building resilience to the impacts of floods and droughts in the landscapes and communities of the Brisbane River catchments. As a framework to consider the options the authors have provide a rich visual array on how to appreciate what the options are. In this introduction to the elements of the Book, consider the various images as a way to build a Vision that can guide how a livable and water smart future can be achieved in South East Queensland.