An author’s insight – Rising from the Flood:Moving Grantham

Jamie Simmonds explains how the relocation of Grantham in 2011 was made possible. 

Jamie Simmonds stepped into a role in January 2011 – immediately after the horrendous Grantham floods – to assist the Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor, Steve Jones co-ordinate an ambitious and rapid turnaround plan to relocate the flooded families into a new town.

What happened in that 12 month period is a unique story that Jamie shares in his book “Rising from the Flood”. In a very personal and first hand account, the book details:

• many key steps and challenges along the way

• the people whose passion and practicality made it a reality

• the process of engaging a community, working with them, listening and being there for them

• the political process and the ongoing media interest

The book is a timely addition to the broader thinking and discussion around the world of what can communities do when faced with the severe impacts from natural perils. When threats such as floods, fires, sea level rise, land slides appear or are forecast and threaten the immediate safety and long term prosperity of that community, the business as usual approach is not working.

Broad Interest at the Event

Joining us at this event on Wednesday 11 March 2020 with our  Suncorp hosts were colleagues from:

Local Government

  • Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Logan City Council
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Ipswich City Council

State Government

  • QRA
  • QFES

Research and Education 

  • Griffith University
  • UQ
  • Sunshine Coast University
  • IWC
  • QUT

Private Sector

  • Suncorp
  • Losee Consulting
  • Water Modelling Solutions
  • Deicke Richards
  • RED consultant
  • HDR
  • Meridan Urban
  • Water Technology
  • Arup
  • Aurecon
  • Phoenix Resilience

Highlights from Rising from the Flood

Jamie shares 4 key lessons for undertaking this transition for Grantham:

  1. Relocating Grantham was a human outcome, not a technical one;
  2. We brought the community on the journey
  3. We had a clear vision
  4. We had strong local leadership

Check out the presentation that  Jamie prepared on these points.  Click here

Where to find the book or hear more about it?

Options to order or purchase book include:

  • Go to Jamie’s website – here  – Options include an e book or a hard copy
  • Visit Avid Reader in West End or check with your local book store who might order for you

Various media programs have interviewed Jamie about the books and his experience

  • Go to the media options to hear a nice mix of stories.  A full account is the 2 part Conversion interviews