Water Futures - A Visual Water Vision to inspire how we live in South East Queensland

After a journey of multiple opportunities since the January 2011 floods, James Davidson and a huge team of contributors, participants and supporters can now offer Water Futures - A visual water vision on adaptation in SEQ to enhance our livability

Resilient Urban Deltas and Floodplains Summit - 4th November 2016

Recent collaboartion between the Dutch and Queensland-Australian parties has been on ongoing since the 2011 state-wide Queensland floods and this Water Summit further consolidates the ongoing desire to share and learn from each other. The full program with a wonderful start with a Dutch Royal visit to the QUT Cube saw 60 participants explore and share their insights in what can make resilient urban deltas and floodplains work.

Group collaboration develops visual delights - SEQWaterFutures charrette in action

Active participation through 4 working groups was a feature of this SEQ WaterFutures charrette. And nothing like a mix of pictures to highlight the effort in action and ideas generated.

RiverCity views inspire SEQWaterFutures charrette

Motivation to think of creative insights with a collective efforts at the SEQWaterFutures charrette was inspired by expansive Briosbane river views.

Upcoming event

To build on the open minded thinking stimulated by the February Flood Hypothetical – an event in early August aims to develop a more substantiated set of principles and design options for the Brisbane River catchment.


Launch of Water Futures

The day has come to share the Vision of a Water Futures that will enhance the liveability for the communities who work, live and play in South East Queensland. Droughts and floods are part of the future but the Vision provides an experienced insight how we can adapt our normal everyday and be prepared for those extreme water times.