Flood resilience of river catchments – Report from Queensland Audit Office 

In April in this audit, the effectiveness of flood resilience activities since 2011, focusing specifically on the Bremer, Lockyer, Mid and Upper Brisbane River catchments was examined and presented to the State Government.  It is a detailed report and some opening remarks in the conclusions gives an indication of their findings:

All four councils and the state government departments we audited better understand their flood risks today than they did in 2011, and all are better prepared. This is because they have acted to identify floods risks,primarily through analysis of historical and recent flood information, local knowledge, and flood maps and studies.

However, as they move further away in time from these flood events the risk arises that momentum to continue building on the improvements made and further strengthen Queensland’s flood prevention and preparedness will be lost”

Through the efforts of our network, we can certainly make a significant professional contribution to ensure that this predicted loss in momentum is minimised.  We now watch with interest to see how the Queensland Government responds to the recommendations from this audit.