Role of levees – May 15, 2014

Levee Management – Regulatory needs, international practices and the role of levees in an integrated approach to flood risk management

From Friday 16 May, a new State-wide regulatory framework to manage the construction or modification of levee banks in Queensland will be implemented: This initiative arose from a recommendation from the Queensland Flood Commission of Inquiry 2012 and is one of a number of new flood risk management initiatives being implemented across the State.

This seminar provided an opportunity to hear:

  • how the Queensland Levee Regulation framework was developed,
  • how other approaches are being implemented elsewhere, such as in The Netherlands, and
  • what are some recommended international approaches to levee design and management.

Mark Foreman

Team Leader, Floodplain Management, Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Mark outlined the new framework, described the various components and detailed how it has and will continue to evolve.

Mark’s powerpoint presentation

Ellen Tromp

Consultant Geo Engineering & Policy Administration, at Deltares – Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Ellen outlined a Dutch framework enabling multifunctional levees to be developed. Case studies in both urban and rural areas highlight how this strategic approach is being incorporated into flood risk management and land use planning.

Ellen’s powerpoint presentation

Philip Smith

Geotechnical Group Director at Royal HaskoningDHV – Sydney.

Philip is one of the authors of the International Levee Handbook (2013). He discussed how the handbook provides a comprehensive compendium of guidance and international good practice for the assessment, design, implementation, maintenance and management of levees and how levee owners, managers and designers can utilise the information for key decisions.

Philip’s powerpoint presentation