Adoption and Application of Water Futures - Expert Workshop

On offer is a new book on building resilience into SEQ landscapes, catchments and the design of local communities and offering adaptation measures for future extreme weather and weather events. How useful is Water Futures and what is its utility??? For the response and recommendations, enjoy what this expert group have in mind.

Inspiration from Water Futures – a Book that shines a spotlight on a Vision for a livable and water smart SEQ, a framework for considering options and resilience building measures for our varied landscapes and communities

The Book Water Futures explores the complexity of building resilience to the impacts of floods and droughts in the landscapes and communities of the Brisbane River catchments. As a framework to consider the options the authors have provide a rich visual array on how to appreciate what the options are. In this introduction to the elements of the Book, consider the various images as a way to build a Vision that can guide how a livable and water smart future can be achieved in South East Queensland.

Resilient Urban Deltas and Floodplains Summit - 4th November 2016

Recent collaboartion between the Dutch and Queensland-Australian parties has been on ongoing since the 2011 state-wide Queensland floods and this Water Summit further consolidates the ongoing desire to share and learn from each other. The full program with a wonderful start with a Dutch Royal visit to the QUT Cube saw 60 participants explore and share their insights in what can make resilient urban deltas and floodplains work.

AUSNED Water Program 1 to 4 November

How much can one discus about water in 4 days in Australia? Well, from 1 to 4 November a full program on joint Australian and Dutch dialog is planned and covers a breadth of issues.

Insights on resilience and flooding in 2016 Queensland Budget

This week the annual Queensland Budget was tabled.  Among the…


Resilience of people and places to natural hazards – policy to action?

Explore and hear of current local government residential initiatives, local creek restoration program and community engagement efforts - that all together build resilience in the face of future flood events.